February Beauty Favourites

February Beauty Favourites

I haven't done a favourites for a little while but I've been loving a few different things this month so I wanted to share! I know the title says beauty favourites but I do have one fashion favourite as well.

Blanket Scarf

I bought this from Romwe in the boxing day sales but only just started wearing it this month as I felt like it didn't go with my everyday coat, until I discovered it works just fine if just draped and not wrapped around my neck so I have been wearing it pretty much all the time because it's so warm and snuggly!

This Works Cleanser

I've been using this regularly this month and I really like how easy it is to use and it leaves my skin feeling nice and soft, I got mine in a gift set with a matching scrub and used together for a good double cleanse they make my skin feel pretty darn good. Clean Skin 5 in 1 water cleanser.

Burts Bees Lip Balm

I love this tinted lip balm, it's such a super easy and nourishing way to add a bit of colour to your lips. It feels so smooth to put on and has given my wintery chapped lips a much needed moisture boost. 

Natural Collection Peach Manicure

I hadn't used a Natural Collection nail varnish before this one but I'm in love. It's not the best quality nail varnish and chipped fairly easily but I didn't use a top coat so I'll definitely test that out sometime. The colour however is lovely, it's not an opaque shade so just gives nails a really subtle nude colour and brightens them up which I think is great and I noticed that nude nails have been seen on a few different runways at Fashion Week this season so I'd definitely recommend this as a cheap way to get in on the trend. Natural Collection Nail Varnish in Peach Manicure.

No7 Lipstick

I guess I was liking nudes this month. This is one of those 'your lips but better' colours, I'm usually a big fan of purple and bold lipstick but I've really been enjoying this more subtle colour that I think will be a great transition for going into Spring shades. No7 Moisture Drench Lipstick in shade 60 Chic.

nude lipstick review british beauty blogger

What have you been loving this month? :)

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Natural History | OOTD

black milk clothing wallpaper leggings

black milk leggings doc martens beanie girl with blue pastel hair
Beanie - American Apparel  |  Jumper - Forever 21  |  Shirt - Primark  |  Leggings - Black Milk  |  Boots - Dr Martens

girl in american apparel beanie and black dr martens

perfume bottle necklace

black milk clothing wallpaper leggings ootd outfit

I wore this outfit for a bit of wandering around Edinburgh including the Natural History Museum, to make it extra warm I wore Primark fleece lined tights underneath my leggings which really makes such a difference.

I don't wear my Black Milk printed leggings much anymore but I wanted to get these out as they're one of my favourites - and oh my gosh I just realised it's the exact same pattern as the wallpaper I was talking about in this outfit post. Haha! They are called wallpaper leggings but I've not actually seen a real fleur de lis wallpaper before in the hotel.

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Nike Sportswear Outfit & Review

Nike pro classic bolt sports bra review
nike tech tights sports leggings review ootd gym outfit
Nike Pro Classic Bolt Bra - JD Sports  |  Nike Tech Tights - JD Sports  |  Nike Flex Run Trainers - Millet Sports
nike tech tights

Nike Flex Run ladies running shoes trainers review

I hadn't owned any Nike products before and my very first thought when I opened the package was how amazing the fabric felt and how good quality it was. I'm certainly not the most sporty person but I am trying this year to become more healthy and having good clothing to exercise in makes such a difference. 

The Pro Classic Bolt Bra Top

I chose this top because it looked fun but not too bright and in your face as a lot of sports wear is. The yellow is highlighter bright which does kind of make me feel a bit more lively. The sizing seems a little bit odd, I got a small and it seems a slightly loose around the bottom band but fairly tight in other areas which does make it ride up slightly with lot of movement. I love the shape of the racer back though, it's so comfortable and flattering.

Tech Tights Leggings

These are so good, my favourite thing is that they have pockets! There's a smaller zip one on the right, which would be great for storing some cash safely, and a larger open one on the left that easily fits my iphone in which is great. I also got these in a size small and they fit wonderfully. There are zips to the ankles to make them easy to pull on and a drawstring in the waistband to perfect the sizing. There are mesh panels to the backs of the knees and a fluorescent stripe that I think matches the top in a nice subtle way. They don't fall down when running and are again really comfortable!

Flex Run Running Shoes

I put these on for the first time and thought they were the most comfortable shoes my feet have ever felt. After wearing them a bit more I'm not sure that's entirely true but it's certainly not far from it. The only downside is that I think the sizing is a little large, so I would recommend taking advantage of the half sizes that are available.

I got the shoes from Millet Sports and the leggings and bra from JD Sports, if my choices aren't what you'd go for then take a look at the rest of their ranges (links below) and I'd love to know which you would choose, or what your favourite work out clothing is!

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The Elephant House Edinburgh Review & OOTD

red tartan jumper ootd edinburgh scotland winter lookbook

fashion blogger winter outfit ootd black leather backpack
Leather backpack - Primark  |  Tartan jumper - Ralph Lauren  |  Oversized scarf - Topshop  |  Cord skirt - Urban Outfitters  |  Heart tights - Forever 21  |  Fleece lined canvas shoes - TOMS

tights with hearts hosiery corduroy navy skirt urban outfitters

cute triceratops dinosaur necklace red tartan knitted jumper
Triceratops Dinosaur Necklace - Eclectic Eccentricity

I wore this outfit to go and meet a friend for lunch at The Elephant House (aka where J K Rowling started writing Harry Potter, see photos and mini review below) which was rather lovely. I picked up this Ralph Lauren tartan jumper in Goodwill when I went to Atlanta and it's just so cosy and warm and of course it being tartan too just made it perfect for my trip to Scotland. I know a lot of people would think it clashes with my hair but I'm not really bothered by that and I think the scarf breaks it up a bit, as well as adding some much needed warmth!

The heart tights add a bit more fun to the outfit as does the adorable necklace that Lee got me for my birthday. Eclectic Eccentricity has some amazing pieces of jewellery, I'd really recommend you check them out if you're into things that a little bit quirky.

guy in a cafe the elephant house edinburgh harry potter

None of us had been the The Elephant House before so weren't sure if it would just be overpriced and super touristy now. It wasn't too ridiculously priced, I got a tuna mayo jacket potato for around £5-6 but I must admit it wasn't the best I've had, it was a bit overcooked but with how busy it was in there I can understand that they probably cook things in advance and keep them hot. My friend had a brownie that was apparently very good so if you're not that hungry maybe just try out the cakes as they did all look delicious!

There were a lot of paintings of elephants up around the inside which I loved as they're one of my favourite animals. They also sold postcards of the building, I did buy one as I thought it was pretty. It cost £1.50, I'll put a photo of it below. 

Here are some snaps from my phone:

The Elephant House Edingburgh where JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter

harry potter quotes messages hand written the elephant house

cute cafe in edinburgh where jk rowling wrote harry potter

The toilets (both men's and women's) are covered in Harry Potter related quotes and messages to J K Rowling which was a fun surprise! Unfortunately there was scaffolding up outside so I couldn't get a photo of the front which is pretty cute, which is partly why I bought the postcard.

Have you been to The Elephant House or have any plans to go in the future?

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Why I'm Giving Up Spending Money For Lent

I've seen a lot of the usual posts today on my Facebook feed from people saying what they'll be giving up for the next 40 days and 40 nights which made me think about what I should give up. I wasn't intending on giving up anything this year if I'm honest, this was a rather spontaneous decision I made earlier today (I even had a completely different post scheduled for today that will now go up on Friday).

Why I'm giving up spending money for lent

Last year I stopped eating meat which was the first time I've actually stuck to something for that long. Prior to that I tried numerous times to give up chocolate or other unhealthy foods or 'not exercising' but it just never stuck so this year I decided I would go the money saving route and stop myself from making any non-essential purchases. I added in the non-essential clause as I think it's a bit farfetched in this day and age to not spend money at all (although there was that guy that traded up from a paperclip to a house so perhaps it could be done).

The thing that made me think to give this a go was that my income has decreased rather a lot as of today and I've been finding it a little hard to adjust my spending to this. Not that I'm reckless with money but working full time and having little outgoings meant I could easily afford little frivolous things here and there and this is a habit I want to break out of. I also did go shopping yesterday, and two days before that, so I'm feeling a little bit of guilt and as though I reeeeaaalllly don't need any more clothes/shoes/accessories etc.

So here is a list of things that I am allowing myself to spend money on during Lent:

  • Petrol
  • Food (but only sensibly)
  • Existing bills
  • Business expenses
  • Holiday expenses (already booked to go away during lent)

I think I'll update when I'm halfway through, it'll be interesting to see how strictly I can stick to this!

Are you giving anything up for Lent? I'd love to know how much or how little you're going to challenge yourself!

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