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Much Mucha | OOTD

Mucha print jumper - £8 AliExpress  |  Wet look booty shorts - £15 Luffers

fashion blogger outfit of the day sexy booty shorts

I love this jumper, it's quite different to anything else I have but I'm a huge Mucha fan (as you may have noticed by my tattoos...) so I had to have it. It's surprisingly flattering I think and adds a bit of a statement to any simple outfit. These shorts were made for me by Luffers (currently not open) and they're so handy for wearing under short dresses and such but I love them as just regular shorts too, I don't have a great liking for wet look type things but I thought in booty shorts it could be subtle enough for casual wear.



  1. Lovely outfit!

    Maybe follow each other on bloglovin? I always follow back :)